The Nelson Airport is located near downtown Nelson. It is owned by the City of Nelson, and operated by the Nelson and District Airport Society. The airport offers a 3100ft paved runway, fuel (100LL/Jet A), and a recently refurbished terminal with free WIFI and coffee.

Come prepared for challenging, non-standard circuit procedures. Arrival and departures are offset, watch for wildlife on the runway and year round paragliding activities.

Please sign our guest book in the terminal building!


100LL Cardlock - $1.85 (as of Nov 2021)
Jet A - call for service
Jet B - call for service


Tiedowns available, East side of the apron.

On the grass, west of the Jet A tank.

Other details

Traffic frequency 123.2
Pacific Radio RCO 123.475 (FISE)
Webcams: http://www.nelsonpilots.ca/webcams


Paragliders often fly in the area, launching either from the North or SE of town, and landing at the airport. Paraglider pilots are encouraged to broadcast intentions and monitor 123.2


More info coming soon